The Studio:

The studio I now work from is the whole complete front of a house, where I am free to record solos, duo's, and any other type of musician. Drums will sadly need to be tracked elsewhere, but singers and musicians are welcome here. I've tracked rap, hip hop, country, metal, punk, hard rock, pop, reggae, all right here, with clients as far as American, Ireland, Japan, Australia.

Studio Setup:

I run Cubase on multiple machines, alongside Reaper, and Ableton Live Suite 11.  UR824 (8in, 8out) audio interfaces, and Yamaha HS80m montors, along with two 40" screens all powered by Furman power conditioners, all keep the studio above par for a home or project studio. 

My own production credits:

So far, I've produced work for Ian Curnow (Kylie, Talk Talk, Take That, EE Music) Lloyd's Bank commericals, BBC jingles, and endless Radio jingles. 

I am currently involved in a number of projects concerning movies, and hope to be able to tell you more about these soon!

The Story:

Hi everyone, Steve Forward here. Back in 2008, I started writing backing tracks to order for clients and private customers who were looking for custom made backing tracks, or remixes, mixes and some basic mastering services.

Since then, my work has brought me into contact with a wide range of top tier music producers, and I've learnt a heck of a lot. I still offer bespoke backing tracks and production tracks for anyone over on our sister site

2020 | Covid | Site Changes...

As you may have noticed,  since the covid pandemic, I've decided to use Google Sites for all my websites. They're neat, clean, simple, and easy to edit and update. 

My domain names will all be pointed to Google sites in future as I feel I can better integrate client file delivery services using Google Drive.  After spending many years writing my own websites by hand in nothing more than html and notepad, I decided to retire that method and go with a simpler, better looking layout, using Gsites. It means I have more time to spend on production, work, and above all, music creation.