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Alive Studios - Current Equipment List - 2016 and beyond!

List of current recording/mixing/editing equipment, together with a list of guitars, and mics available to use. This list is ever changing and being updated with new outboard gear, and better valve pre's and microphones so keep checking back.

Recording Setup

Our current DAW choice is Steinberg's Cubase. Always the latest version. 64-bit.
Our current recording machines consist of 2 x i7 8-core 64-bit Intel Machine with 24GB memory running Windows 64-bit.

Monitoring System

1X Pair of Yamaha HS-80m Mastering Grade Reference Monitors.
1X Pair of M-Audio AV40's

For further mastering with all tracks sent to us for iMastering online, we check all the mixes and masters on iPod speakers, Car speakers, small laptop speakers, and cheap no name bookshelf speakers, and various hi-fi's to ensure your mixes and masters translate well across all setups.
We make sure any final edits or touches are there by checking from the source what your finished song or album will sound like.

Outboard Gear

1x Steinberg UR824 - 8 analogue input USB2.0 sound card. Handling all of our inputs and outputs, this can be taken on location too, forming part of our mobile setup.

Microphones - Current selection..

Our current microphone setup is based around several Rode mics and Shures..

2x Rode NT-2a
1x Rode NT-1a
1x T-Bone SC-450
2x Shure Sm-58 (Beta)
2x Shure Sm-57

Plugins, VST Instruments, and more..

Below is a list of software plugins and hardware amps etc that we have available (as of 2016)

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0
Toontrack EZDrummer 2.0
FxPansion BFD 2.0 and 3.0
Izotope Ozone 4+5
NI Komplete
IK Multimedia Mastering plugin suite
JJP Legends Wave series Puigchild (Fairchild compressor plugin)
Halion Sonic
Padshop Pro
Retrologue Pro
Dark Planet
IK Multimedia - Amplitube 3 and 4.

Marshall JMP-1 valve MIDI preamps (x2) loads more...

Control surfaces & Misc.

All of the monitors and both DAW machines are routed through a Mackie "Big Knob" :)
We also currently are tracking and recording using the Novation Impulse 49 Midi controller keyboard.

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