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List of Rates and Services.

Live Mobile Recording Services.

Slowly we are building a comprehensive but highly portable live recording rig. Consisting of 2 or more Steinberg UR824 interfaces and a wide selection of Condenser and Dynamic mics, our aim is to record your band or act live, almost anywhere.. We can record you at 24-bit/96Khz and factor in the final mixing and mastering of your live project.

Online Mastering (iMastering). For Album Remastering Special Rates Apply.

iMastering is mastering but done completely remotely. Simply upload your track to our online server, we will then take your track and bring it up to mastering quality. A fully mastered track will sound as loud as any commercial track out there, with a smoother, polished sound. We are able to correct panning mistakes, EQ fix anything across extremely precise bands, and pretty much adjust most things, even at this stage, using state of the art mastering tools. Get in touch with your requirements.

Please Note : uploads in .wav file only please and at a minimum of 44.1kHz @ 16-bits, preferably 24-bits @ 48Khz We can use dropbox, or set up your own ftp folder for upload of multiple tracks, or you can simply post us the audio wave files on CD.

Mixing/Re-mixing. For Album Remixes Special Rates Apply.

If you have already recorded your tracks in another studio, and wish to have them mixed again for better results then we can help. We will take the tracks, and re-mix them to your exact preferences. Upon first submission of the finished mix, you will have 48 hours to make your final adjustments after listening to our first mix. We will then apply these final requirements free of charge and re-upload the finished mix. Should you wish to have further adjustments after this, a fee will be charged.

Custom/Bespoke Backing Tracks - Our best and busiest service ever!

Forget karaoke websites...If you are after that hard to find track, it is well worth investing in getting it made by a professional backing track company. We can deliver tracks on time, to a very tight deadline with stunning accuracy across most, if not all, genres. Rock and Pop are our specialities!..

If you are a solo performer/vocalist and want to own backing tracks that are a cut above the usual pre-fabricated backing tracks which have little in the way of substance or feel, then we can help.

Alive Studio's offer's bespoke backing tracks for any style, without backing vocals, or if you would prefer, you can come into the studio (subject to availability) and put your own backing vocals on. You will be able to perform live with yourself as the backing vocalist. People wishing to purchase CDs at your shows, will have bought a cd featuring you alone on vocals, and the entire nights entertainment will have been custom tailored for your show.

Complete backing tracks are extremely time consuming, but well worth the investment if you are a professional singer or performer. They will be yours to own and keep forever, and will consistently out-shine any existing backing track available, as they will be completely bespoke and personal to your act/performance.

Backing tracks aren't just for solo/duo performers, or bands looking to augment their sound with pre-recorded keyboard parts. Somebody looking to have a backing track made for any event or ocassion be it, Birthday, Corporate event.. You name it, we have produced it!

To have bespoke backing tracks email - backingtracks AT alivestudios DOT BIZ
or call to discuss your requirements.

Please note : we have a new website for all custom backing tracks, with an ever growing catalogue of popular rock, pop backing tracks ready to buy. Simply visit -

Jingle/Advert and Production Music,

Producer and Musician Steve Forward has played on countless adverts on Radio, and TV since 1996. We are able to provide you with a music to help advertise your product or service. We will shortly be uploading production examples, and there will also be an opportunity for you to buy pre-made tracks for use in your own works. Be it, for short film, TV advert, Radio jingle, or simply a one-off piece to be used for another special occassion, we have the motivation, ideas and skill to make the track you are after.

To commission a piece email - aliveproductionservices AT alivestudios DOT BIZ
or call to discuss your requirements.

Recording Sessions - from 10am-4pm.

If you simply want to bring your own backing track here to us at the studio, and sing on it, or prefer us to make up your very own custom backing track using the latest Virtual studio plugins, then this is the option for you.

Alive Studios is a private recording studio, so solo singers and performers can realistically work at the studio. Just get in touch to let us know your needs. Also, Alive Studios does not cater for drummers. Drum tracks will need to be recorded elsewhere. We can also help you there as well, call us to arrange.

If you are new to the recording studio world, and don't want to spend thousands of pounds on recording a few tracks, then recording at Alive will be a far easier, and cheaper option. Again, the only limit is your imagination.

Studio Opening Times

Alive Studios takes on iMastering (unattended), Mixing(unattended), Remixing(unattended/attended*fees apply), and Custom backing track creation, and solo recording sessions for musicians/vocalists. Because we are a private residential studio, drums cannot unfortunately be tracked here, but we are able to use known recording houses nearby. Here is the current time slots available (subject to availability). Please remember we can also visit you on location with a mobile based recording solution.

Days : Times : Session Type :

Monday 10am-4pm Any Type /iMast/Mix/Rec.Session
Tuesday 10am-4pm Any Type /iMast/Mix/Rec.Session
Wednesday 10am-4pm Any Type /iMast/Mix/Rec.Session
Thursday 10am-2pm iMastering/Mixing Only
Friday 11am-2pm iMastering/Mixing Only

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