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Latest Studio News & Site Updates

11th May 2016 // Site updated to new version, and news!

- Hi All, Steve Forward here.. like the new site? better than the last one..

It was long overdue, but I decided to give the site a new facelift...

I have added new logos, artwork, and re-written and brought up to date the website with new pictures of our latest studio based in Clacton-On-Sea, as well as updated our terms, conditions, added client testimonials (more on the way!) and many more features..

We are also hoping to add a few YouTube tutorials on how to create backing tracks yourself, and special tips and tricks and words of advice from yours truly here.. stay tuned!

Studio wise, we are still loving Steinberg's excellent Cubase sequencer, now on 8.5 64-bit edition. And we have moved up to Steinberg's touch surfaces and UR824 sound cards. Truly astonishing preamps built in!

26th May 2012 // More Studio Upgrades - Cubase 6.5

- Hi All!

We are very pleased to announce further studio upgrades. Steinberg's superb Cubase 6.5 is now installed and running on our studio machines. We have also installed 24GB of system ram on each system to handle much larger projects. both 64-bit and 32-bit versions are installed to aid with compatability with older plugins, and projects better. We recommend you check out this superb update from Steinberg. Rock solid performance, that, combined with Pro Tools 10 means we can work at any level for your album, solo project or even scoring and orchestral works.

27th Mar 2012 // Avid Pro Tools 10 installed.

- Just to let you know, we know have alongside our Cubase setup, Avid's Pro Tools 10. This helps us enormously when working with other studios all over the world.

19th Mar 2012 // New Studio DAW in addition to Nuendo 4, and Cubase 5.

- As part of our ongoing commitment to upgrading and improving our recording facilities, We are currently installing Pro Tools 10 on one of our i7 workstations. Stay tuned for more information. We are looking to work with other local studios, and film/TV companies so us having a working knowledge of Pro Tools will help us better serve this industry. Stay tuned for more information. We are all excited at utilising the fantastic new features of Pro Tools 10, and look forward to integrating it fully with our existing DAW's Nuendo, and Cubase.

26th Jan 2012 // New Website and other animals...

- Hi All, I have decided to make new homes for all of my endeavours, and put the backing tracks catalogue as a list of what is available on and keep the studio site separate. Of course, everything is recorded here at Alive Studios...

20th Sept 2011 // New Artist Samples Added

- Along with private clients requiring iMastering, We have been working closely with Gemma Heaney from Ireland on a couple of cover tracks for her portfolio. She has kindly agreed to let us showcase her work on the sample page.. go check them out!

11th Jul 2011 // iMastering takes off!

- Steve is currently undertaking iMastering sessions, and remixing tracks for a local band.
- One of the first clients for a recording session at Alive Studios has now been booked in across two days Tues/Weds of 11th July 2011.
- Four clients have requested Steve Master their tracks, and a further album.

- iMastering and mixing jobs are regularly coming to Alive Studios all the time. We will update notable ones as and when they are completed..

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