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About Alive Studios

Hi my name is Steve Forward, a musician and producer from Essex, England. I own and run Alive Studios Essex from my home in Clacton-On-Sea. It's great to be so close to the seaside!

I produce my own music through my own recording label, Steve Forward Music, and Alive Studios. I distribute all my own music through Tunecore under my own label 'Steve Forward Music', and am a registered member of PRS/MCPS.

Everything deals straight through me, I do not use any agents, or managers. I base my business and career on honesty and hard work, and will always endeavour to do the best I can in ensuring your recordings are the best they can be.

I am also a working professional guitarist/vocalist and guitar teacher in the Essex area. It can get pretty hectic, but I love my work, and enjoy learning, growing and improving my knowledge both as a freelance engineer/producer and musician and arranger.

For years, probably just like you.. I struggled with inferior rehearsal studios, poor recording studios, trying to get my own music recorded.

In 2009 I got started on building a small home recording studio here in my own house in Essex. I read every book, followed courses, took practical advice, and learnt heaps from recording my own self-produced and self-mastered albums and cover singles. It has since grown into a full blown recording studio, albeit not in commercial and "traditional" studio surroundings, but nevertheless, perfect for recording demos, solo artists, and duos looking for great sounding results on a small budget.

Since its inception, Alive Studios has written jingles for local and national radio stations.

Whilst I have always done session work in other studios, I noticed studios becoming smaller and smaller, and in more recent years, I've been working from home, recording my guitar/backing parts here, and sending the finished tracks to studios.

Recording quality and technology progressed so much that it made what was already available, available to more people. Less and less people were relying on larger studios to record, mix and master in.

Technology has now, finally reached a point whereby you can achieve great sounding results from a single PC/Mac based recording system, in your own home recording studio. However, it is still dependant on accurate monitoring, the right setup, plugins.. and more importantly a set of experienced ears from an experienced producer to get the best from your recording.

I have been fortunate enough as a session musician to have worked with some great engineers and producers, and now I am offering my skills and services to you..

I also run a small personal backing tracks website too, and my own guitar website should you wish to check these out - - and my personal guitar website -

I look forward to producing your music!

Steve Forward

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